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Offering the latest in technology and skill to provide an expert solution to any engineering problem 


Providing Turn-Key Electronic Design and Development Services

We will take your 'idea' and then design and develop the hardware and software required to turn it into a product meeting your specifications.  We will do all or any part of the design and development you require on an hourly or contract basis.

With designing any product, the first steps have to be involved with identifying the market the product will be sold into and the need the product will fill, then this expands into identifying the competing products that can already perform the job, and culminates in a specification for a new product positioned successfully in the market. We'll take up the description at the specification point, where the work becomes technical.

Solid engineering experience - Analog, Digital, uP, PCB

We have experience with many types of electronic designs:

Our work is Inventive, Creative, and Up-to-Date


Most importantly, as industry professionals, we keep pace with the latest products and technologies. These factors enable us to recommend and implement solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of short- and long-term business needs, user requirements, and up to date technical information. 

Total design service, from specification to production


All the work is Inventive, creative, and up-to-date. The designs provide circuits, parts lists, PCB Layouts and source code in a complete documentation package. The documentation gets done as the design is done. When required, the user and service documentation for your product can also be provided. Our technical documentation is sufficiently detailed for our customers to have the electronics produced by a third party subcontractor.

With over twenty years of engineering and design experience, we can provide you with the right solution

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