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Specializing in Project Ideas and Technology

Concept Development

Many times, a client will come to us with their idea for a product, and what they want from us, all worked out. This is great, we can get right to it and make  what you want. However, many times this is not the case. The chemist, inventor or mechanical engineer who needs some electronics to complete their device or process may have no idea what that electronics should be or how it should run. In these cases we can observe what the product should do, figure out what we need to do for you, and help you to understand what is needed to best accomplish your goal. We pick from a selection of technologies that include the most economical and the most cutting edge in order to help you decide what will best serve your needs at price that makes sense.

The Stages in Designing a new Electronic Product:

Hardware Development

Hardware is the actual product you end up with. To get that product, many documents and drawings must be made to describe both to you and to whomever is building or servicing the product what it is and how it works. By handling as much of the project development by ourselves as we can, we can reduce errors and increase our response time. For this reason, we not only design the circuitry ourselves, we design the actual boards and any required mechanical parts as well.

Software/Firmware Development

Software for the electronics (Firmware) is often 50% or more of the design work. The programming that controls the microprocessor gives the electronic product its features and characteristics. The programming or coding for electronic products is more detailed than the type of programming for a Windows PC Application, because it is more tightly coupled to the electronic hardware on which it runs, and because it usually has to respond more quickly - that is it has to run in "real time". Since most of our designs incorporate a microprocessor of some type, software is a primary part of a design. We are experienced in both assembly language and "C" programming for Intel 80xx, Motorola 68xx, and PIC Microprocessors.

Engineering Tools

We use many software packages to generate the documents that describe the design:

Besides all of this software ( and the computers we run it on ), we also use the expected electronic tools: All of this, along with our expertise, is used to guarantee that your design is going to do what you want, now and for years from now. 
If you need electronic design work -- We're here to help !!!

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